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After getting comfortable in the pilot seat and familiarizing yourself with all the controls and knobs of our life-size cockpit, your task upon entering the Mutahida Simulators cockpit is to prepare your plane for the flight, just as real 747-400 pilots do before they take to the skies.

Whether you want to fly short-haul or long, at day or night, in good weather or bad, our 10 state-of-the-art computers will take you wherever, and however, you want to go. The length of your flights are up to you – choose longer flights to refine your touch while in the air or shorter flights to practice your take-offs and landings.

Whether you’re the Captain or Co-Pilot, your eyes will remain glued to the many screens and dials immediately in front of you, detailing speed, altitude, direction, and more. You’ll feel the rumble of the plane’s four engines as the plane takes off, and hear automated alarms and warnings – ‘Don’t Sink!’ – if your handling isn’t up to speed or presents a danger to fellow aircraft. If you happen to miss the mark on your landing, there’s no need to worry about the safety of your passengers or crew, but you’ll need to avert your eyes as trees and buildings snap before you.

This isn’t a video game or a toy though, so don’t expect to master every nuance right away. Flying in a 747-400 cockpit is a precise experience, all about light touches and gradual maneuvers. Although the countless knobs, screens and gauges surrounding you can seem bewildering to first-timers, with the guidance of our stationmaster and a few hours at the controls, you’ll soon grasp the essentials of flying, from taxiing and taking off to handling the aircraft in flight and pulling off silky smooth landings.

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