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About Mutahida Simulators

Mutahida, which means ‘United’ in Arabic, is the missing link in the United Arab Emirates’ aviation industry. It represents our commitment to supporting the rich history and ever-increasing global prominence of our country’s aviation industry, by uniting the real and online worlds of aviation in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE.

In an industry that already boasts Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline and Air Arabia, the name ‘Mutahida’ was chosen to bridge the gap and provide the missing word in the name of our beloved nation, the federation of the United Arab Emirates.

Welcome onboard!

The dream of soaring above the clouds has excited and challenged humans for millennia. Even in modern times, the power to fly has been the privilege of a select few. Many have tried to quench their thirst for flying with video games and other such toys. Now, Mutahida Simulators is proud to launch a new era of virtual aviation in the UAE.

Mutahida provides a bridge between the real world of aviation and the virtual, where few people beyond trained pilots have access to simulators. Our vision is to share our passion for flight by enabling enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to experience the fun and excitement of flying this most prestigious aircraft. Our unique, customized simulator was carefully designed according to actual 747-400 cockpit specifications, so you can live out your dream of being a pilot. Set your flight path between any two airports in the world and pull back on the yoke to head skywards. Monitor your speed and altitude, as you enjoy sweeping panoramic views of landscapes below. Then see if you have the knowledge and skill to pull in for a smooth landing! You’re cleared for take-off, so book your flight today…

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